C# volatile

关于volatile关键字, 大家用的可能不多,  因为经常大家用的时候都是使用的lock, 或者其它的线程锁, 来避免并发时对变量的更改, 引用的不同步.

volatile 关键字, 是一个轻量级的lock, 它会进行更多的优化, 具体的优化哪些东西我也不清楚, 性能也要比lock方式好. 所以一般情况下, 使用volatile即可. 下面摘取msdn 上对于这个关键字的描述:

volatile 关键字指示一个字段可以由多个同时执行的线程修改。 声明为 volatile 的字段不受编译器优化(假定由单个线程访问)的限制。 这样可以确保该字段在任何时间呈现的都是最新的值。

volatile 修饰符通常用于由多个线程访问但不使用 lock 语句对访问进行序列化的字段。

using System;
using System.Threading;

public class Worker
    // This method is called when the thread is started.
    public void DoWork()
        while (!_shouldStop)
            Console.WriteLine("Worker thread: working...");
        Console.WriteLine("Worker thread: terminating gracefully.");
    public void RequestStop()
        _shouldStop = true;
    // Keyword volatile is used as a hint to the compiler that this data
    // member is accessed by multiple threads.
    private volatile bool _shouldStop;

public class WorkerThreadExample
    static void Main()
        // Create the worker thread object. This does not start the thread.
        Worker workerObject = new Worker();
        Thread workerThread = new Thread(workerObject.DoWork);

        // Start the worker thread.
        Console.WriteLine("Main thread: starting worker thread...");

        // Loop until the worker thread activates.
        while (!workerThread.IsAlive) ;

        // Put the main thread to sleep for 1 millisecond to
        // allow the worker thread to do some work.

        // Request that the worker thread stop itself.

        // Use the Thread.Join method to block the current thread 
        // until the object's thread terminates.
        Console.WriteLine("Main thread: worker thread has terminated.");
    // Sample output:
    // Main thread: starting worker thread...
    // Worker thread: working...
    // Worker thread: working...
    // Worker thread: working...
    // Worker thread: working...
    // Worker thread: working...
    // Worker thread: working...
    // Worker thread: terminating gracefully.
    // Main thread: worker thread has terminated.


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